Pollen can help with allergies also and has many other health benefits!

From WebMD:

"Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein."

did you know???

Just as a plant needs rain to grow, so it needs honey bees to pollinate a crop. We gather the honey from our own hives, bottle it in a certified facility and offer it to you. Not pasteurized, our honey still contains its natural enzymes and is a great sugar substitute!

Extracted and bottled in our beekeepers' certified facility.

Pure honey, Pollen & wax

Our Honey is raw, delicious, healthy: The way nature intended it

Raw Honey, gathered from the area you live in, is fantastic for allergies? Taken once a day, honey can help build up your immune system with the same allergens that you are allergic too.

Honey is great for cooking!

Couple hints: Honey browns quickly so bake at a lower and slower temperature.

Substituting honey adds liquid so lessen the amount of other liquids you put in your recipe.

We carry a variety of sizes 

1/2 pound               $5.99

Bear (3/4 pound)   $6.99

1 pound                  $8.49

2 pounds                $16.49

3 pounds                $23.49

5 pounds                $38.95

1 Gallon                  $78.00

Prices subject to change

Did you Know???


Beeswax is is a natural lubricant and is used to make soaps, lip balm, lotion and candles!  Waterproofing leather, oiling furniture joints, making granite countertops shine and greasing cookie sheets are some other fantastic uses for it.

Mexican vanilla 

Our Mexican vanilla has a rich, full flavor that is delicious in both baking and milkshakes.  We bring our supply directly from Mexico yearly and ensure that our products are the highest quality available and does not contain cumarin.  Wow your friends with your desserts with minimal effort on your part and look amazing.  

We currently carry two size bottles.  

The eight ounce bottle is $8 and our one liter (32 ounces) is $18.