Britt's Garden Acres

Blackberry season has arrived and picking can begin! Berries ripen at different times but there is a lot of fruit on the bushes. Come anytime we are open and we'll tell you where you can find them! 

      Our picking suggestions are: 
  • Only pick berries that are fully black  
  • Start at one end and pick all the ripe berries as you go

What is available from the field right now? Seedless and Seeded Watermelon, Sweet Corn, Zucchini and Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers, Red and Green Tomatoes, Onions, White and Red 
Potatoes and Eggplant. Pepper Varieties we carry:  Bell, Italian Frying, Jalapeno, Banana, Poblano, Anaheim, Pascilla, Habanero, Scorpion and Ghost!

The store is open 9:00-7:00 Monday through Saturday and
Sunday 11:00-6:00. 

Locally grown beef and grass fed beef, 
Organic Pork, Raw Honey, Mexican Vanilla, our own brown eggs, as well as a wide variety of Jams, Salsas & Sauces are available.

Britt's Farm is a family owned and operated produce farm just on the outskirts of Manhattan, KS.  We grow and sell many different types of produce during its season.  You can find our products in our store, at area Farmers' Markets and in some local shops.  We grow everything from Bedding plants to Honey, Strawberries to Sweet Corn, Tomatoes to Pumpkins and lots in between.
Check the Homegrown page to see what available now
Click on the Contact page to learn more about our family

Supporting the local markets and providing healthy and tasty foods is our goal.  
We now offer Local beef, Fantastic jams & salsa, Natural soap and more!
The Local Goodies page has more information as you watch us grow

Topsoil, Compost and Railroad Ties are offered at the store or can be
delivered to you.  Straw Bales are available all the time.

Our Topsoil page gives in depth information and measuring instructions.

  As an Agritourism location we are excited to do scheduled tours of the farm and private bonfires and barn parties t
hroughout the year!  In the fall check out our pumpkin patch, the largest in the area.  Hayrack rides, corn mazes, scary maze and petting zoo are just some of the activities everyone will enjoy.
Our Pumpkin Patch!, Event Space, and Pricing & Group Tours pages provide more information on all the excitement!
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 6:30 pm -if we are not in the store when you arrive, please give us a call, we may around back planting in the greenhouses! 
Sunday 12-6 pm

Payment methods: Cash, Credit card, EBT card

Britt's Garden Acres 
1000 S Scenic Dr, Manhattan, KS  66503  

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