Stew meat 

$9.99 lb

Half or full side of our grass fed beef is available for $4.00 per lb. hanging weight plus processing.


Thick sliced 

$7.99 lb

Homegrown grass-fed and finished beef


About 3 lbs each: Arm, Bone-in or Boneless Chuck, Pikes Peak, Sirloin Tip 

$9.49 lb

Cube Steak

$9.49 lb

Raised here on our farm:    -tender      -great flavor.

Tip Steak

Flat Iron

3/4 inch thick

$14.99 lb 

Ground Beef 90/10 

1 lb or 2 lbs packages 

$8.99 lb

 What we have on hand may vary a bit as we like to keep the meat as fresh as possible.


The King of steaks

3/4 inch thick

$22.99 lb

1/2 Brisket

About 3-4 lbs each

$9.99 lb

Meaty Soup Bones

Perfect for your stew 

$4.99 lb 

Sirloin Steak

Denver Steak 

3/4 inch thick

$14.99 lb 

Rib Eye Steak

3/4 inch thick

$16.99 LB

BBQ Ribs

These are fabulous on the

smoker any time of the year

$6.99 lb

Skirt and Flank Steak

$12.99 lb

T-Bone Steak

3/4 inch thick

$18.99 LB

Liver, Heart, Tongue

$3.99 lb   

Beef Bones

No meat. Great for broth 

$2.99 lb

KC Strip

3/4 inch thick

$18.50 LB

Hand-raised beef     

Grass-fed & grass finished cattle. Raised by us.  

Our cattle are raised in the pasture in a low stress environment and never receive grain at any time. They stay in the pasture for a full 18-24 months to allow their fat to build up naturally and give you a very full, delicious flavor. The results are an exceptionally tender and high quality cut.  We have never used hormones or antibiotics! 

The description most often used to describe our meat is buttery.

The many benefits of grass fed beef:

  • Leaner and more tender meat
  • Stronger flavor
  • Higher in omega 3 fatty acid
  • More heart healthy
  • Grass is easily digested and better for the cow
  • Shorter cooking time: Usually 30% less

​​Photographers, please pick up your  photographers permit

at the store prior to photo sessions.