​​Photographers, please pick up your  photographers permit

at the store prior to photo sessions. 

Spring and Summer farm tours

Trips for your school, day care or mom's group. 

Learn and enjoy together.  Hands on learning!

Spring time:  Pot up a flower. Tour our greenhouses.  Visit the bees in our observation hive.

Summer:  Take a hayride then walk through our fields learning about the crops you eat. Pick a bag of seasonal vegetable to take home!

Ideas:  Make the trip into a writing assignment. Study the botany of a pumpkin or squash flower. Bring the vegetables back to class or home to cut, cook and continue the experience.  

Please plan to spend at least 1 hour with us.  We will make 2-3 stops and talk about the plants we see, how they are grown and how to pick them. Each child will have their own bag and pick 4-6 items to leave with. 



$7.00 per child

$5.00 parents (Do not receive a bag of produce)

Teachers and students aids are free

Minimum charge of $50.00 per group.

This tour is not available for strawberry picking.

Fall Field Trips 

Your group will enjoy:

  • Interactive story about growing pumpkins (available until 2 pm) 
  • Either a simple maze for younger children or the harder one for older kids or groups with lots of adults.  
  • Every child gets to pick a pie pumpkin out of the patch 
  • Enjoy a hayrack ride around the farm 
  • Pet and feed the animals in our petting zoo and play in our fall fun zone. (Potato cannon and certain other activities not available) 
  • We recommend at least 1 hour to see everything, but you are welcome to stay until 2 pm.  We have space for you to enjoy a snack or sack lunch and tons of photo opportunities. Other groups may be in fun zone at the same time.

When: Monday-Friday group tours receive special pricing when school is in session: Advance booking is required. Please call 785-539-1901 to reserve your time slot.

$7.00 per child
$5.00 per parent (Do not receive a pumpkin)  

Teachers and student aids are free               
Additional pie pumpkins are $2.00 each

Minimum charge of $50.00 per group.  

Book as soon as you can as the most popular time slots go quickly.

Homeschool Days Fall 2023

Two Homeschool days offered each season. 2023 dates are September 28th & October 3rd. Stay at your leisure between 9 am-2pm.  

Hayrides will run at 10:00, 11:00, 11:30 & 1:00.

The interactive story about growing pumpkins will be told at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 & 1:30 if there is interest.  



$7.00 per child

$5.00 parents (Do not receive a pumpkin)

Infants in carriers free (Do not receive a pumpkin)

Additional pie pumpkins are $2.00 each


Our Fall Fun Zone includes the petting zoo and both the hard and easy mazes. Please no cutting through the corn.

You may bring snacks or a sack lunch to eat in our concession stand tent. As with field trips, the potato cannon and certain other activities will not be available.  

Britt's Farm Tours & Field Trips