​​Photographers, please pick up your  photographers permit

at the store prior to photo sessions. 

Thank you for your interest in working with us!

We have seasonal hours available for both full and part time. Hiring fluxuates by the season. 

Hours are available during the summer & fall: 

  • Sunflower field specific (Aug. 25-Sept 10) 
  • Pumpkin patch specific (Sept. 10-Nov 12) 
  • All year long

Please specify what you are most interested in.

Pumpkin patch is most busy on the weekends.

We prefer if you can work two to three shifts over each weekend (Friday-Sunday) in September & October.   

This is a fast paced and challenging, but fun job. You'll need to be on your feet most of your shift.

We are in customer service, friendly and smiling employees are important for a great experience for our customers.  

Bonuses of working for us

  • Discounted and free veggies
  • Discounts on all our products
  • Get to visit baby cows & silly goats
  • Free season pass for your immediate family to the pumpkin patch & sunflower field
  • Possibly a great tan 
  • Maybe bigger muscles


This will be used as a scheduling


List specific hours you are

available to work each day.

Employment Application

Please complete in it's entirety