Photographers, please pick up your  photographers permit

at the store prior to photo sessions. 

Delivery for Soil, Railroad Ties or Straw Bales
Pick up what you need at our store or arrange for us to deliver to you. Delivery is particularly useful for your larger needs. Most pickup trucks can hold 1 yard of topsoil because of the weight.  We can deliver up to 10 yards per delivery or lots of railroad ties.  For convenience sake the delivery charge is the same for 1, 5 or 10 yards of topsoil.  

Delivery charge varies by the area

  •    Manhattan/Ogden $35.00
  •     Flush Rd/Tuttle Creek Dam $40.00    
  •     Wamego/Riley/Junction City $45.00

    Call for pricing for farther distances

Straw Bales

Available year round: $7.99 each

Our premium quality Topsoil comes out of our fields and is ideal for your garden or lawn.  Classified as a sandy loam, we allow the dirt to sit for 2 years to eliminate any farming residue. The dirt is then broken down so that the end result is a beautiful soil that will sift through your fingers.

The compost we offer is manure based and highly nutritious for your garden. Mixing compost into your vegetable plot will alleviate the need for expensive fertilizers and will help the soil maintain moisture during the hot summer months.  

We will mix topsoil and compost for you so that all you have to do is put in your garden spot.  We generally recommend a 50/50 mix for potatoes and other hardier crops and a 60 (topsoil)/40 (compost) mix for plants like tomatoes, peppers and fruit bushes. 
There is a simple equation to determine how much topsoil you will need. Take your measurements in feet.

Length X Width X Depth  
Then divide by 27.   

Example: 8 ft long X 16 ft wide X 6 inches deep 
8 X 16 X .5 =64     Divide by 27=2.37 yards.  
Rounding up, you should get 2 1/2 yards of soil. 

For visualisation purposes, approximately 1 1/2 yards can fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Most trucks cannot carry that much weight, generally only 1 yard is loaded onto a pickup at a time. 

We have a one yard bucket on our loader. 1 yard minimum charge.
    Topsoil      $25.00 per yard
    Compost   $40.00 per yard
    Mixed        $35.00 per yard
    Scoop your own topsoil or compost for 1/2 price


Railroad Ties
The ties we have on hand right now are excellent quality.

They came off a track that had to be moved and was not in disrepair.  

We have them separated into two grades. 

    #1 ties are the better grade.  We recommend them for retaining walls and projects that need to last a long time or where appearance is very important. They have minimal splitting and three decent sides.
    #2 ties are good ties overall and can be used for just about anything else: garden edging, parking lots etc...  They have more splitting and may only have one or two nice sides.

#1 Railroad ties $22.50 each -Currently sold out, check back for availability
#2 Railroad ties $17.00 each 

$16.00 off per banded bundle of 16 ties. (Pre-banded, same grade) 

Topsoil, Compost, 

Railroad ties

1 yard of Topsoil

Currently sold out of Railroad Ties