Homegrown grass-fed beef

We offer a variety of steaks, roasts, ground, beef sticks, fajita cut, stew meat, meaty soup bones, bones for broth, oxtail, liver, heart and tongue. 

Since 2014 we have been raising and selling our own grass-fed cattle. 

Our cattle are raised in the pasture in a low stress environment. They are only raised in the pasture and never receive grain at any time. They stay in the pasture for a full 18-24 months to allow their fat to build up naturally and give you a very full, delicious flavor. The results are an exceptionally tender and high quality cut,

We have never used hormones or antibiotics! 

The description most often used to describe our meat is buttery.

There are many benefits to grass fed beef:

  • Leaner and more tender meat
  • Stronger flavor
  • Higher in omega 3 fatty acid
  • More heart healthy
  • Grass is easily digested and better for the cow
  • Shorter cooking time: Usually 30% less