Wreaths come in either 14" or 20" and are hand created by us!

Delivery is available in the Manhattan area for $10.00 and Fort Riley or Junction City for $35.00

Every Thanksgiving week we travel to Denver to hand pick the prettiest Christmas trees for you to choose from. Richard makes the journey again 12 days later to choose more, ensuring that every tree we carry is fresh and guaranteed to last. These are not commercial grade trees, but rather premium firs and pines.  

We carry an assortment of Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Nordman Fir, Balsam Fir, & Scotch Pine.  

4 foot apartment sized trees to majestic 11 foot trees are chosen for you to have the most options.

Over 60 trees are unwrapped and displayed for you to see.

We want you to choose the perfect centerpiece to your holiday festivities! 

Trees run $25 and up depending on the type and height. They are displayed both inside and outside for easy shopping even in poor weather.  A complimentary fresh trim and securing it to your vehicle is always available.

We are able to net the perfect tree for you for a $5.00 fee. 

We have some adorable decorations, Wreaths rings, Bags to dispose your tree in, Tree Preservative and Tree stands!

christmas trees

Please contact us by November 15th to place an order for a tree 9 foot or taller and we will hand pick one for you! 

50% down payment will be required.