Britt's Garden Acres

Pumpkin Patch and Fall fun! 2016 

Ready to get outside and have some fun?  Whether you are planning a group event, want to have the most unique pumpkin in the neighborhood, or just need to relax with your family or special someone, Britt's is the place to be! We gear many of our activities to be both kid and adult friendly.  
Opening weekend for our Fall Fun Zone is September 24th! 
Open to the public every weekend through October and November 5th!  
  • Fridays 3-7, Saturdays 9-7 & Sundays 10-6 
Also open 3-7 pm October 10th  and every weekday from
2:30 pm- 7 pm October 14th -October 31st

Check the Pricing and Group Tours page for admission rates.

Field trip and mom's groups are welcome 8:30 am-3 pm during the week. Call to schedule your visit ahead of time please. Special pricing is available. 

Remember to wear decent shoes. Stretchy pants are not advisable for sitting on the straw on the Hayrack ride.

Pay once, Play all day!
  • Jumping Pillows 
Kids and adults alike enjoy catching some air on our huge air filled pillows built
right into the ground! We have 2: a huge one for adults and older kids and a smaller one for the littles!       


  • Easy corn maze
With an adult tagging along, let the kids explore this corn maze cut just for them. At only 5 minutes to walk through, this maze is perfect for little legs! And when you find the exit you find the pumpkin patch! 

  • Hard corn maze
Challenge yourself to get through the hard corn maze in only 30 minutes and don't come out the entrance! Think it's not too bad during the day? Wait until you try it at night during our scary maze on October 22nd & 29th!
  • Merry-Go-Round
-New for 2016. Remember the merry-go-rounds everyone loved to spin on in the playground? We've created two of our own!

  • Pumpkin Patch
Lots of pumpkins await you to pick the perfect one right out of the patch. There are some both on the vine and pre-cut. We grow pie pumpkins so the kids can handle them. One per paying person is included in admission!

  •   Hayrack ride 
A trailer ride on straw bales
 takes you around our little valley. Be on the lookout for all 11 pepper varieties that we grow! Ride takes about 15-20 minutes.

  • Petting zoo
Baby calves love to be pet and so do goats when you have food!
Look for eggs from our chickens and visit the other animals in the little barnyard. Animal food is free.

  • Tractor train ride
On our busy days we offer an additional ride! Hop on a smaller trailer for a fun trip around the fun zone.

  • Old time corn sheller
Older kids and adults can turn the crank to see how corn used to be shelled. Pull an ear off the corn stalk from the field, shell it and feed to the animals!

    • Giant See-Saw
    And we do mean giant: We've seen it have up to 30 kids on it at once! Large and small, everyone can ride! -This in a great spot to take a photo

    • Potato cannon
    Try your skill by shooting a potato at a target. Many will try,
    few will succeed!

    • Kansas river valley giant slide
    At Britt's, you don't have to wish they made slides for adults,you can enjoy one!  Slide down on a potato sack if you want to go even faster!  
    -Updated for steeper!

        • .Super slide 
        This awesome tube slide goes nice and fast! 

          • Bouncy House 
          Enclosed bounce house is lots of fun for smaller kiddos!

            • Tons of photo spots
            Climb up into a combine, explore our vignettes, or stand at the wheel of a tractor for a great memory. Taking a picture at our display with straw bales and various pumpkins has become a family tradition.

            • Tractor tire crawl through
            All kids love climbing on tractor tires! You don't realize how big those things are until you're up close. 

            • Corn Pit
            Kids of all sizes enjoy playing in a sandbox full of corn kernels.

              • There are even more activities for you to enjoy out at the farm

              • Don't forget the pumpkins at our store that we've harvested for you! You'll need a large one to carve or paint. Carving kits are available as well!


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