Britt's Garden Acres

Receptions, Parties and More   

From extravagant parties to simple birthday gatherings let Britt's customize your experience. 
 We cater to Fall Parties, Wedding Receptions, Bonfires, Educational field trips, Hayrack rides, Flashlight corn mazes and more!  No matter your group size we have the space for you. 
Sit around the campfire roasting s'mores and listening to the fire crackle!  From groups of 20-300, we can offer you a place to relax and have fun without the hassle of having the party at your house!  

Bonfires run 3 hours and your group enjoys a hayrack ride
 and a private bonfire with straw bales for seating and tables for food.  All this for $200.00 for the first 100 guests, above that just $1.00 head more.  You are welcome to bring whatever food and drink you like.

In the fall a
dd the corn maze for no charge, a pie pumpkin from the patch for $1.50 or the Fun Zone with pumpkin for $4.50.  It's your party, we want to customize it for you.  
Barn Parties
 Since 2012 we have hosted events in our new building!
 We have a very large space with many different uses.  Keep it low key with straw bales for a birthday party or bring in a band and caterer and create something entirely different.  Decorate however you want, we have the equipment to help you put things up.  We do not limit the food you bring in and you customize the length of time and detail you put into it!  

Charges vary depending on the size and specifications of the party.  
25% deposit is required at time of booking.  We have several counter height table for your use as well as cooler space and ample parking. From birthday parties to military gatherings, church groups or Greek parties we've got you covered!    
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